Comments from Denise Bullock

What is you fondest memory from Rancho High?
* laughing and having fun with friends,going to football and basketball games, black history month and all the special events that came along with it.

Was there a teacher that made an Impact on your life? If so how?
* Miss Dorothy Williams, not only was she a great teacher who cared about her students,but also a great friend and mentor. Mrs Delucca instilled in me an inner strength, teaching me if I was afraid to do an oral report, it was ok, do the report afraid and it will work out and it did.

At this time in your life, what is your life's desire?
* get my degree in medical transcriptions and have a home base business as a medical transcriptionist.

Other comments made by this classmate
* I missed the reunion, I thought of all of you and the fun you were having. I pray that I see you at the next one, or for that matter see you at any event in the near future.