Comments from Jacqueline Parson

What is you fondest memory from Rancho High?
* The race riots - just kidding! Running for Class President against Daniel Hollingsworth. William Parker, Jerrina McKinney and my best ditching partner Marquetta McKinney.

Was there a teacher that made an Impact on your life? If so how?
* Dorothy Williams. She boosted our lagging teenaged self-esteems and taught us a lot about Black History and Pride. Susan Delucca and that class on Human Sexuality. That was the first time I'd ever seen a naked man! Jan Morgan helped me to become the singer that I am today ( with all glory to God first!). Coach Harvey Mumford - the jolly black giant! What a blast we had!

At this time in your life, what is your life's desire?
* To open the Parson's Peace School of Ministry and Performing Arts ( opening Sept.2, 2003). To complete my Doctoral Studies. To do the will of God and have a ball while doing it!

Other comments made by this classmate
* What happened to that cruise we were supposed to go on? Let's take the Lake Mead Breakfast Cruise