Comments from Tom Voight

What is you fondest memory from Rancho High?
* Just hanging out with all my friends from AFJROTC. ROTC also provided me the chance to get my Army scholarship and go to Arizona State. Rancho also had some great teachers and not every school can say the same.

Was there a teacher that made an Impact on your life? If so how?
* Mr. Stanford at J.D. Smith Junior High was awesome. Mr. Cook was pretty cool. There were a few others but I'm getting old and I can't recall their names; I'll have to find my yearbook and update this entry.

At this time in your life, what is your life's desire?
* Happiness and prosperity for my family, peace throughout the world, and, oh yeah, a Corvette.

Other comments made by this classmate
* Sorry I missed the reunion. I was in Vegas this past March and did drop by the school and saw all the changes.